The Green Party of BiH is going to press charges against Heco and Zenica Municipality Council

The majority of Zenica Municipality Council members adopted the previous approval of assigning the concession for constructing the HE Vranduk. The Federal Ministry of energetics, mining, and industry motioned a request which contains the concession details of 23, 31 MW powered HE on Bosnia river.

Invitation to the Conference and Panel Discussion

Green Visions in cooperation with the Embassy of Switzerland cordially invites you to participate in the first "Eko Akcija Conference  and Panel discussion on protected areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina», at 15:00  on Wednesday the 2nd of December 2009, at the Media Centar premises, Kolodvorska 3, Sarajevo.

Ecocide on Bjelasnica

This photo was made a few days after the last incident of enviromental destruction, this time at the very entrance of the Rakitnica Canyon. It is very well known what happened with Babin dol on Bjelasnica, but we do not understand how they can go this far.

Destruction of the one hundred years old forests of Bjelasnica

What once used to be a forest path from Veliko polje to the mountain hut Javornik has been turned into a bog and deep mud. One hundred years old trees growing alongside the trail are no longer there. Forest path, if we can call it that, follows marked trail that is completely useless today.

Great afforestation of Bjelasnica mountain in the next 20 years

During next 20 years around 20 million seedlings are going to be lay in at the southern slopes of Bjelasnica mountain, and Sarajevo Canton will gain 8-10 new million square meters of the forest.

The protest gathering of Fojnica citizens regarding the MHC

As announced at the meeting held last Wednesday in Bakovici, yesterday morning between 10 am and 12 am a peacful protest of Fojnica citizens was held in front of the municipality building. There were residents of Gojevici, Dusine, Luk, Bakovici and other places present. The reason for this gathering was the problem of mini hydroelectric plant construction in the area of the Fojnica district.

The Tetovo residents won't give up the charges

The municipal authorities of Tetovo expressed their gratitude to NGOs and political subjects who publicly supported their intention to press charges against ArcelorMittal in Zenica.

Promotion of the pilot-project “The Primary selection of packaging waste material from communal solid waste material on the teritory of Gračanica municipality”

On Friday, 13th November this year, the Bihamk company, in cooperation with the mayor of Gracanica, Nusret Helic, and Eko Oaza association, organized a public promotion of the pilot-project “The Primary selection of packaging waste material from communal solid waste on the teritory of Gračanica municipality”.