Olovo: The repairment of the vehicles cannot be afforded, so the garbage has to be loaded manually

The operatives of Municipal Services “Bioštica” from Olovo, that has been bankrupt for several years now, are putting much effort these days to keep the city and the surrounding villages clean. Twenty days ago the only vehicle they had broke down, so they have to manage on their own.

Miljacka clean in seven years?!

You cannot pass the street without hearing citizens of Sarajevo complaining about Miljacka river getting more polluted every year. If you walk by Obala Kulina Bana or Maka Dizdara streets, you will get to see it for yourself. There are trees floating, bottles, litter, stones... all that followed by an unpleasant odour. Abid Šarić, Minister of Agriculture, says that only his Ministry has spent almost 400 000 KM in the last three years for cleaning the river.

The beginning of Vranduk hydroelectric plant construction in May

By the end of May or at the beginning of June, the first building site of power objects construction program will be open with the hydroelectric power plant (HE) Vranduk on Bosna river.

"Lukavac is an eco bomb"

"We take the full responsibility for the thick black fume that covered Lukavac yesterday afternoon", said Nihad Akeljić, the executive director for the enviroment in the Turkish fim Soda Lukavac, the major owner of Fabrika Sode.


Lukavac being covered by a few dozen tons of dust every day

The citizens of Lukavac have been complaining for quite a while on filter dust omission coming from Fabrika sode. In spite of a number of warnings and appeals, no one in charge has done a thing to stop this terror over citizens.

Stop Hunting of Wolves in Bosnia & Herzegovina

1780 wolves were hunted and killed in the period of ten years.
There is no law that protects this species.
There is uncontrolable hunting.
People from neighboring countries come to Bosnia to hunt.
80 % hunters in the hunting societies have no respect of ethical norms.
Poachers use snipers, automatic rifles and mines.

Sarajevo’s Water Quality to be Improved with Support from the World Bank


 The World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved US$35 million in financing for the Sarajevo Waste Water Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina today. The Project will help to rehabilitate waste water infrastructure in the Canton of Sarajevo and repair and replace primary and secondary waste water transmission pipes and other network rehabilitation. The project will also support capacity building and institutional strengthening of the Sarajevo Water and Waste Water Company (VIK).


Real Local involvement in the Protection of Protected Areas in BiH

Since yesterday BiH finally has a civil society organization responsible for the protection of all protected areas in BiH. During the panel discussion on protected areas, organized by Green Visions in cooperation with the Swiss Embassy, participants from various sectors of civil society were informed about the work of Eko Akcija and the challenges surrounding protected areas in BiH. Ivo Lucic, from the Speleological Association "Vjetrenica - Popovo polje" gave a moving presentation about the need to protect and consequences of not protecting the Vjetrenica Caves in Popovo Polje.