Increased soil pollution in the area of Zenica

Content of lead, zinc and nickel in all samples, and cadmium in the majority of the samples is higher than the allowed value.

Transporting the waste to the landfill stops

The long-term request of Gaj settlement residents in Bugojno to relocate the landfill near their homes to another area will be partially satisfied by putting it out of use.

The Waterfall Provalija on Bregava River is threatened by complete collapse

Due to the irresponsible behavior of the local community in Stolac, as well as the negligence of the relevant institutions, the waterfall Provalija on the River Bregava is threatened by complete collapse. Due to split of the huge stone walls down which the water falls from a height of 20 meters, there numerous cracks are being made through which water penetrates and threatens to completely destroy this natural treasure. The citizens of Stolac organized numerous attempts and appeals to draw the attention of relevant authorities regarding this issue.

By building four power plants in Foca, the Drina will perish

There are plans for building as much as seven power plants on the Drina River and its tributaries in the area of Foca Municipality. According to Mayor Zdravko Krsmanovic, a few days ago electrical power industry from Republic of Srpska, “Elektroprivreda RS”, submitted a request to the municipal authorities to organize public hearings on the preliminary arrangements for the construction of HE Paunci, Foca, Buk Bijela and Sutjeska.

The reconstruction of the of the aquatron in Butile begins this summer

The Canton Assembly, at its session scheduled for 31 March, should adopt a decision on granting guarantees for taking loans from the World Bank for the aquatron in Butile and sewage networks.

The attacks on Trebevic continue

Only thanks to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Trebevic is protected from further devastation. What made it possible for Relax Tours to get the permission for their request from other relevant institutions?

The citizens from Vratnik in fear of contagion

The citizens from the Old Town Bakija sokak street, Vratnik, have been complaining for months now since the operatives from the Cantonal public utility company “Rad” have not been deporting garbage on a regular basis.

Instead of making profit, waste ends up on landfills

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, we do not do much on processing already used materials, such as metal, glass and paper. The waste ends up on landfills, although we could gain a significant financial benefit out of waste, as well as create more jobs.