The suggested protected area is located in northwest Bosnia, near Bihać, and includes upper stream of the Una river. Una springs in the northeastern part of Stražbenica mountain in Croatia. The main confluents of the Una river are Unac, Klokot, Krušnica i Sana. The biggest mountain in the area is Plješevica that reaches 1 657 m and extends along the border between BiH and Croatia. The protected area of Una is approximately: latitude 44°49' – 44°23', longitude 15°52' – 16°19'. It covers about 16 000 ha and is located within Unsko-Sanski canton (mainly within the municipality of Bihać) and a small part of Livanjski canton, around the Unac spring.

This area is characterized by many endemic and relic species. Overexploitation of natural resources such as forests, over pasture, landmines and planned hydroelectric power plants threaten this unique site that contains over 170 medical herbs; the rare plant Campanile Unensis, bell flower, is named after colors of Una. The special value of this area is Štrbački buk – the unique waterfall and cascades made by joint efforts of biological, chemical and physical influences.



  • Izgradnja hidroelektrana na rijekama Una i Unac
  • Industrijske otpadne vode

  • Kanalizacija naselja na obalama Une, koja se izlijeva direktno u rijeku

  • Neadekvatna i ilegalna gradnja na obalama rijeke

  • Smeće

  • Sječa šume na području Nacionalnog parka


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Nacionalni park
Zakon o Nacionalnom parku "Una", ("Službene novine FBiH" broj 44/08)