About us

 About us

 Eco Action is a non-governmental organization, established on December 2, 2009, with headquarters in Sarajevo.

If you believe that there are more beautiful ornaments to our rivers than those of plastic bags and bottles, if you are aware that a famous local businessman is hiring 5 people and poisoning 35 instead and you don't know how to put an end to it, if you are guilty ridden that in this beautiful country we behave like imperious guests and you don't want to buy a one-way ticket – join us!

There are following teams/sections involved in Eco Action:

  •  For clean air 
  •  For clean energy 
  •  For clean rivers 
  •  For protected area
  •  For flora and fauna 
  •  For waste 
  •  For education 
  •  Incidents center 
  •  Environmental awareness 
  •  Legal team
  • Support team


Environmental care

  • Taking care of existing protected areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as establishing new ones
  • Establishing a system of notification, processing, and monitoring the incidents that can be/are threatening to the environment
  • Evaluating the state of the environment in B&H and introducing the institutional and legal   frame for its protection
  • Establishing the quality standard in the field of environmental protection and preservation
  • Initiating drafting and participation in the implementation of environmental protection and preservation strategy
  • Promotion of environmental riches and values in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Promotion of Aarhus convention and lobbying the support for the implementation of that and other local and international treaties as well as local laws
  • Providing professional and counseling support
  • Involvement in the solution of other local and regional problems (waste disposal and recycling, building the objects that could be threatening for the environment, ...)
  • Working on other projects in the field of environmental care for the purpose of maintaining and expanding the professional capacities of the organization

Cooperation with community

  • Creating a data base that will serve as a legal help foundation for citizens, authorities and civil society in preserving the environmental heritage
  • Coordination and networking of all the relevant factors in the country that are already involved/interested in environmental protection and preservation
  • Providing the efficient public participation in the process of decision making in the field of environmental protection and preservation by means of raising the awareness and educating the citizens, civil society and local authorities
  • Developing cooperation between local authorities and non-governmental sector
  • Raising the community awareness about environmental issues, laws, standards, principles and values of environmental protection and preservation
  • Organizing public hearings, creating analyses and proposals for promoting the environmental protection and preservation sector


  • Participation in developing training and educational programs in the field of environmental protection and preservation
  • Organizing conferences, professional seminars, counseling, lectures etc.


Eco Action can be reached at:


Radnicka bb
71000 Sarajevo
Bosna and Herzegovina
Phone: +387 (0)33 717291
Website: http://www.ekoakcija.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ekoakcija
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ekoakcija  
Skype id: ekoakcija